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Fulcrum Health is a speciality healthcare company providing targeted products for specific medical conditions. The strength of Fulcrum Health is its experience in the pharmaceutical and health-care industry and in international trade. The company develops and markets pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

Fulcrum was founded in 1996 to source innovative nutritional supplements from around the world to market in the UK and other European countries. Fulcrum is committed for Quality, Excellence & Innovation.

Fulcrum’s Values
• Professionalism
• Creativity and Innovation
• Integrity
• Quality

The founders of Fulcrum, Howard Thomas and David Ward, each bring more than 40 years experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Howard Thomas has been involved with a number of successful start-up companies. His past appointments have included the Board of Management of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry; Chairman of the Committee of European Pharmaceutical Companies; member of the Development Board for Nottingham University; and he has been elected a Fellow of the Institute of Health in the UK.

David Ward has been involved in pharmaceutical bulk chemicals and intermediates for over 40 years, travelling extensively around the world. In 1986, moving to the USA, he started the international trading division for a start-up fine chemical company which became the fastest growing NASDAQ US chemical company in 1990. Returning to the UK in 1990, David developed new business opportunities and a world-wide agency network for an Austrian R&D company specializing in complex new carbohydrate sugar chemistry with particular reference to antivirals. More recently, David has concentrated on nutritional supplements and dietary products.

Richard Thomas has spent 20 years in sales, marketing and corporate management. In 1996, he helped launch a company selling nutritional supplements direct to the public, building to over £20 million sales. He managed the business through the sale of the company to LifePlus USA in 2001. Richard holds a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from the Thames Polytechnic, London and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
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